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Your Comfort Zone

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You know everything. You know the benefits of it. You even know how much it is important for you, and you also know how it is to be done. Have you ever given a thought what’s holding you back, well I am sure you have.

We are talking about the long pending idea in back of your mind to start working out, to lose weight, to get fit, to get a good body posture, we are talking about exercising your body.

Yes at some point of time many of you must have already given a good start to it and then given up, after few weeks or months. And many of you must have got a cool Nike shoes or a Puma tracks for yourself but then have kept them somewhere where your mom only knows. So, what is it which is stopping you, what’s holding you, what has pulled you back. I know you are aware of that too, its you and only you.

Your body likes to be relaxed, hence it loves to be in a comfort zone. Working out makes you and your body feel uncomfortable, it will orders your mind to give up and get back to its loving comfort zone. As you must have figured out urself that it’s a competition between your mind and your body. Think about it, does your mind controls the body or your body rules your mind.

And if you are one of those who says they realize how important exercising is but blames their busy schedule and lack of time, then be prepared as your priority is going to get affected by the choice you have made. The ignorance of health is going to come in the way of the work you are dedicated to.

You may be a very busy person, a corporate employee, an entrepreneur, a home maker or may be just a cool person who says exercising is not for him. You may not have time or intention for exercising, but here we are taking  about something which could act as a barrier in your fast track life or your cool being. We are talking about fitness, that too not just of body but for mind too.

Apart from other benefits just 15 to 30 min of a day workout in a day is likely to give you a sense of self confidence, an energizing active body and fresh sharp mind, which a busy person can collectively apply for things he is busy with.

This article hasn’t told you something which you don’t already know, you may choose to treat this as just another article on fitness or make this of a life changing moment where you decide that you won’t let your body rule your mind. Or you may choose not to exercise with your “let it go” attitude and invite problems like bone issues, flexibility issues, muscular problems, weight issue, mood swings which will anyway won’t let you be comfortable in future and will take you out of your comfort zone. So how do you wish to get out of your comfort zone? by working out or by letting your health issues do that for you.

As I said at the beginning, you know everything!

So… what’s holding you back?



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  1. Rightly said Vikas. According to me just regular morning walk and a little bit of control on your diet helps to maintain. Just eat lot of fruits and nuts and drink plenty of water

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