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Most of us work long hours: 9,10 even 12 hours a day. But we tens to get defocused due to online entertainment, office chitchats and bad time management, we’re only churning out high quality work a portion of each day.

So from my experience what I have learnt is  you must incorporate 5 practices to maximize your work. I was always wanting is time management but implementing few rules helped me a lot to turn out maximum productivity all day long


10 Minutes of exercise

Yes, not 30 – just ten. Why? It’s short enough that it won’t affect rest of your work that you do in morning and good enough to shake off any residual sluggishness from the night – including extra glass of Vodka.
There are too many fitness mantra but I find this the best I like . It works out all major muscle group with 12 total exercises.


Go green in Morning
Definitely you must be aware of the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and its pretty easy to reach for bowl of cereal, cup of yogurt , green tea and green salad which engender good metabolism.
A healthy juice in empty stomach especially lemon with honey is the best fat killer I have ever acknowledged.

I prefer blending one apple, one banana , one orange , and handful of spinach , half of a cucumber , any juice or coconut water and ice plus few flax seed . This is cheap , easily available and energizing.

Book your calendar
Sit back after a rejuvenating bath and plan up your day by fixing up reminder. Most of the time my day used to get haphazard when I started my day without planning. I would do some work, leave it half way and go to some other work ending up hopping between work which takes me nowhere. If you work our on daily planner, you certainly get better output from yourself.10 min of time investment gives you massive returns throughout the day.

Win over 3 task
3 is a magical numeric. When you say or listen to three, your brain accustoms itself such that something interesting is coming up. Always remember when someone gives you three top features ticked you tend to remember because three is magical. Eg. I ask you to buy a Audi and I give you three top reasons :

  1. It has best engine in class
  2. It has best cruise control
  3. It has best driving experience.

If I go futher you tend to forget gradually. So my point is to tell you magic of numeric three.
So when you plan up your day, just make sure to do your top favorite 3 jobs at first. It motivates you when you keep finishing your task.

Power shot after Lunch
Take the 15 minutes right after lunch to refocus on the day — a kind of professional meditation. Get away from your PC,smartphone turn it off, go sit in a conference or you office room and determine what you have on tap for the rest of the day.
Look back how the list you set in the morning is shaping up. Are you ahead of schedule? Behind schedule? You’ll find that these 15 minutes help you identify how you got derailed, what’s causing you distractions and help you to rediscover a rhythm to be productive all day long.
Give this simple formula a try for a week and I think you’ll be pleased with the results. Here’s to a more productive 2014!

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