6 meal plan ( strictly veg) which No one will tell you

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TIPS Sources of unhealthy saturated fats are butter, cheese and fatty cuts of meats. Sources of healthy unsaturated fats are nuts, vegetable oils, olives and seafood.  Early Morning ( 6am) Green Tea without sugar – 2 biscuits    – 90 Cal Lemon & Honey with Lukewarm water – 0 cal Black coffee         […]

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Mixed Fruit Parfait with Muesli / Oats

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Preparation Time: 10 Minutes Serves 1 Nutritional Benefits Muesli: Muesli is high in fiber and whole grains, which regulate the digestive system, are filling and can aid in weight control. The addition of nuts provides a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids (especially walnuts). Ingredients Required 1 cup Muesli (You can use any brand of muesli as […]


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Rev up your public speaking Marc Antony persuaded the crowd to mourn the murder of Julies Ceaser Barrack Obama won over the world Narendra Modi won over India What is it about these men, which makes people listen to them in rapt attention?? Public Speakers can make or break nations and generations. Public speaking is […]