Fitness mantra for 9 to 5 job by most popular fitness sensation from Bengaluru

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Today I proudly introduce you to the most famous CrossFit Trainer cum Vascular Radiologist from Bengaluru. I feel extremely lucky to take her personal interview and interact with her. Despite of her tight packed schedule she took her time out and gave tips especially for our readers.This post is strictly for fitness enthusiast. If you work in a 9 to 5 Job then this post will be useful.


My name is Swetha Devaraj, I am a vascular radiologist and a fitness coach at national corps fitness gym in Bangalore. I am also a competing athlete in marathons, obstacles races etc. My hobbies are watching movies, exploring new places and restaurants, adventure sports, diving etc

Q : How did your journey towards healthy lifestyle started? What motivated you to change your lifestyle?/ How did you first get into fitness?

A : As a kid I remember being always very active in all kinds of activities at school whether it's athletics, drawing or singing competitions and somewhere along the way sports took over and before I knew it I was into tennis in my teen years which led me to get recruited to play for a university in the US. So yes I would say my journey began since I was a kid and it has just taken different forms. Now I don't play tennis anymore but I'm into running marathons, obstacle racing, functional training and crossfit.    

Q : Who is your source of inspiration and how do you keep yourself motivated?

A : I don't idolise one person but there have been a lot of amazing people in my life fortunately that have influenced me throughout from a young kid from Sampras Agassi to Mohammed Ali, from Steffi Graff  to Rhonda Byrnes. I have had amazing coaches and mentors be it in tennis from my coach Nagaraj who taught me everything and Prahlad Srinath (Davis Cupper) who inspired me so much to be fit, my diving  instructor Jeff in Thailand and my running coach who taught me never to quit and finally my amazing friends around me who influence me to lead a healthy lifestyle by introducing me to vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, plus my followers and my clients who motivate me to keep working hard so I can make a difference in their lives.

Q : What is your favorite exercise?

A : I'm a runner and definitely it's my favourite. It's my way of mediation and it sort of calms me down. I have three different jobs and it can get stressful, but running just brings that balance in me. I don't run because I have to I run because I love to.

Q : Do you have a cheat day?

A : Of course I have a cheat day but I try to stay within my limits. 

Q : Who do you think is the fittest actor & actress in bollywood?

A : Akshay Kumar, Tiger Shroff, Deepika Padukone, Jacquline Fernandez & Hrithik Roshan.

Q: What tip would you give to those who are looking to loose weight?

A: I would like to tell them not to look for shortcuts and to do it in a healthy balanced way instead of going to the extremes. Because losing weight is a big deal but bigger than that is maintaining it. 

Q: What's the best way to get the most out of your workouts?

A: Early mornings are the best times because you would have rested well and you can give your best effort. 

Q: What does your weekly fitness routine look like?

A: Well I run everyday but with different intensities with every other day being a recovery run and alternate days with speed work and long distance work. In between I also do weight training and body weight training along with high intensity interval training. I take one day off.

Q: Whats the best way to workout when you do not have time? Kindly suggest a smart workout routine to our audience who are into 9 to 5 Job?

A: Just keep it short but intense. Like doing super sets or doing a quick HIIT with weights that builds your strength and endurance as well as burns a lot of calories.

Q: Is it possible for a vegetarian person to achieve daily protein requirement without any substitute? Many of vegan complains that they are unable to achieve their daily protein level by eating normal diet. They try soybeans, dryfruits etc but they are unable to maintain diet for long time. Any suggestions to our vegetarian friends?

A: I have never heard long term vegans complain about this. It's the newbies that don't know their way around that will have a hard time in the beginning but there's plenty of protein rich plant based food like greens, spinach, broccoli, pulses, legumes etc that makes s complete meal, additionally grains like red rice, quinoa and ragi are great sources of good carbs and protein and ofcourse if you eat dairy there's plenty of options with yogurt, milk and paneer etc. It's really a myth that you can't have enough protein from plants. I have been running long distance from a while now and it has only gotten better after I switched to plant based. I feel lighter, cleaner and more energetic. 

Q: Can you suggest some workouts that can be done at home?

A: Having some basic equipments like resistance bands, kettle bells and dumbells can help a lot to do home workouts. There are so many workouts you can do at  home or even parks by just using your body weight. 

Q: What is currently playing on your playlist?

A: A lot of meditation songs and songs that I can run to. Right now it's Havana by Camilla Cabello.

Q: What should one eat before and after a workout?

A: Before workout have something that gives you instant sustained energy like banana or coffee etc there are people who take a protein shake before which works great as well. Some people depend on Aminos and BCAA that help them recover better. I just drink Unived sports coffee for athletes without sugar or milk and it just gives me a jump start like nothing else. Post workout always have protein rich meal with good carbs and fats to help you recover better and get all that energy to power through the day!! 

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    Can you please share few leg workout tips with me??!
    Even I workout but my thighs are really heavy and taking a lot of time to reduce… please help me Ma’am

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