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Even that’s a nightmare for most of us to face off your fear. I have read a lot about facing your fear starting from acknowledging it to accepting it. Its all worthless unless you leave off your but from your bed and take a step against fighting your problem. People have mouth to speak so do you have two ears to accept it and dispose the waste. Keep away from dogmatic people, they are the silent killers of life. From my past I have learn to stay positive and stay away from problem (most of it). Few are ofcourse inexorable but when there is a will there is a way. That’s absolutely right.

Acknowledging issue
Most of us are surrounded by negative energy because of which we are more torpor about doing anything about it, rather nagging all the time about the problem. Get it straight , you are not only one on Earth who has all the problems. There are 7,233,739,299 people and still counting who certainly are having more problems than you if you see globally. So tiptoeing is not a solution. When there is a problem, there has to be a solution and no one in this planet can solve your problem if you are not determined to solve.

Getting off negative energy
Take a pledge today that whenever you wake up keep yourself away from negative thought. Infact read some blogs like “”(My favorite) if you are not a regular book reader. Read motivational quotes & somehow stay positive. Put stickers everywhere around you “ Only I can Solve it”. When you keep seeing it, it will someday matter to you.


Keep smiling
You will meet few person everyday at your workplace who is querulous and highly opinionated about anything that they see. Let them be. Its their immaturity and their level of thinking. Its superfluous to even ear it. If their dogmatism is mattering you then you are probably their puppet. You are living not for youself. Make your ear canal two way traffic to trash it off and always keep smiling. It makes you anti-diffident.

What you have today not necessarily is always yours

Be glad that you are lucky enough that you have sense that you can read, write, talk, walk, laugh, love, eat and sleep at the end of the day. Imagine people around the world who have to live with below 2$ per day. I ‘m sure your problem is as big as their problem.

If your can control your mind, you can control everything that comes your way. You will culminate in your life .Everything is exorable.

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