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Rev up your public speaking

Marc Antony persuaded the crowd to mourn the murder of Julies Ceaser
Barrack Obama won over the world
Narendra Modi won over India
What is it about these men, which makes people listen to them in rapt attention??
Public Speakers can make or break nations and generations. Public speaking is an intricate art which comes by sheer practice and passion.

Did you know that according to the Wall Street Journal, public speaking is the number one fear in America? The fear of death is ranked number two!

Fear of public speaking is also a fear of death—an emotional death. We feel naked and exposed in front of an audience. But  once we can harness this skill, it  is gain in every way.

When it comes to learning public speaking techniques, the earlier one starts, the better

We bring you some handy tips for public speaking:

    • Gratitude: Thank the host, and thank the audience for the possible mountains they moved to show up and listen to you.
    • Best foot forward:
 Make an entrance. Put forth your Big Point right away. Start with your best story, your funniest joke, your guiding theory. Don’t make them wait to see you shine. Grab them from the get-go.
    • Know your audience: 
Never talk about rock bands to corporate or talk in English to labor work force. It spoils the show. Know your gentry.
    • Never admit fatigue: 
A very popular author open his talk, to a packed theatre, with “I’m quite tired, I’ve been on the road for a few days.” Instant downer. You get up there and you SMILE, no matter what. You can collapse when you get off stage.
    • Plan your finish: 
Wrapping up can be the hardest part of a talk because you’ve either used up all of your good stuff, you’ve gone over time, or you have space to fill. Hold on to your closing gold nugget so you can leave on a high note either way.
    • Dress up: When you’re on stage being well dressed says, “I cared about you enough to polish it up.” Sunday best.
    • Gain experience: Mainly, your speech should represent you — as an authority and as a person. Experience builds confidence, which is the key to effective speaking.


We leave you with Winston Churchill’s food for thought:
“A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”

*Keep inspiring*

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